Tips to Make The Best Out of Your Articleship Period

As a part of CA curriculum, every CA student has to undergo 3 year of articleship after clearing one or both groups of CA intermediate. This is an important phase in CA journey. Many students get confused what they actually want out of this articleship. Some may even go for dummy articleship as they have a mammoth task of clearing the CA final exams ahead. But in my opinion, one must go for regular articleship as you get to have a glimpse of the practical work.

Articleship is an opportunity for a student to graduate as a professional and is a hunt for specific knowledge. Articleship also involves planning, executing, digging up opportunities, and ultimately achieving the goal. Many students go with the flow and learn whatever is served to them or in fact overlook the learning opportunity completely. But every article should set its own goals for articleship and make the best out of it.

The topmost priority of the students must be studies but they should not entirely shift their focus on that. They must not miss the opportunity to learn new skills in the 3 years period of articleship. The main question is how can a student make the best use out of the articleship? Below mentioned are five points which will help you to make the most out of your articleship:

1) Choose the firm according to your desired field

The first and the most important point is to choose the right firm for articleship. If the firm is not according to your wants and focus, students generally feel reluctant to go. A student should first decide whether he is interested to work in direct taxes, banking, audit, indirect taxes or any other field. Only after that he should choose the firm accordingly. Required research will help you to discover the best-suited firm for you. You can talk to the senior articles in the firm before joining so that you can get the insights of the firm.

2) Build strong relationships

A student must also focus on building strong relationships with the employees and articles in the office. A new article has so much to learn from the senior articles and the employees of the firm. So having a good relationship with them will help as they would be happy to teach you. Having rifts with them would only be harmful to you. Also try to stay away from the office politics and groupism. This will only make you restrictive in the office. Moreover make good relationships with the clients you deal with and the government officials you got to meet during your articleship. You never know which person may help you in future.

3) Be curious and ready to learn

Articleship is not the time to be lethargic and take a back seat. Rather an article should be active in his office and be ready to learn new things. Many times students feel ashamed of asking silly questions to the senior articles. They try to showcase an image that they have understood everything fast. This will be very bad for them in the long run as their basics would not be strong. It is fine to ask questions if you have not understood something. Come up with more and more questions as it will only help you to understand more deeply. In articleship you actually get a chance to practically use the theoretical knowledge procured during CA Inter. Be ready to take on new tasks and assignments.

4) Regular feedback and weekly tracker

Many students just go with the flow during their articleship. They are not fully aware what they are strong at and at what point they lack. So an article should maintain a weekly tracker in which he shall note all the points he had worked at. This way he would analyze his exposure. Also he should get regular feedback from its principal and other senior employees of the office.

5) Maintain balance between studies and work

As mentioned before, a student must give studies the top most priority. The main goal is to clear the CA Final exams. You must beforehand discuss with your principal about your coaching timings and the preparatory leave you want. This way it would be better for the student to avoid any conflict regarding leaves. This does not mean that you take undue advantage of this. Just remember that articleship time is for you to learn and not waste time. Keep a balance between your work and studies.

This way you can learn the most and be capable enough to be a CA. When you enter the real world, life takes you by surprise where you take charge as a captain of your ship and become the master of your destiny. So it is better to be prepared beforehand and articleship period helps yoy with that. Articleship is a golden opportunity to experience the professional world. So make the most out of your articleship period.

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