Reasons Why Students Fail in CA Exams

There might be several times where you have prioritized studies over everything else and yet failed in exams. Have you ever wondered what caused your Failure? Understanding what caused your failure is an important step to be taken for achieving success. Remember, “Failure is the stepping stone for success.” Let me list out the causes of failure-


Confidence is the key to success. But, being overconfident causes the downfall. When overconfident, one fails to recognize the crucial details. Many people tend to overlook things, thinking “ eh toh mujhe aata hai”. Irrespective of how much you know a certain topic, it’s always good to revise.

Low Self-esteem

It’s not just overconfidence that causes failure, even low self-esteem does. Having good self-esteem allows you to walk through life confidently. Also, your self-esteem and good grades can provoke you to embrace new opportunities and apply for scholarships. While your low self-esteem paralyzes you and results in your failure.


Procrastination doesn’t exist in the success formula. Nevertheless, being lazy one tends to procrastinate all the time-putting tasks for tomorrow that aren’t done until the deadline. Procrastinating is not only ineffective but also it results in stress, depression, nervousness, and poor performance.

Poor Time Management

Effective time management is crucial for every student to balance all the responsibilities (Study, homework, family, social time and much more). However, most of the students fail to do so that causes failure in tests or examinations. Therefore, it is essential to learn the time management skill. Also, the sooner one learns the cheaper it will be.


Today we are in the heaps of technology and distractions. With smartphones, social media and TV we have too many pieces of stuff to distract us. Therefore, we keep procrastinating that results in stress which doesn’t allow us to focus on what is important. Consequently, we fail.

Lack of Preparation

Without ample preparation, one cannot give their best in exams and thus, result in failure. Preparation not only helps you fare better but also boosts your confidence. Therefore, it is important to put effort in preparation. It is also good to have a time table for preparation.

Lack of Revision

With a curriculum so vast, one has to devote time not just for preparation but also for revision. Revising at least two to three times before the exam will help you remember what you have studied during exams and also perform better.

Not Understanding or Misinterpreting Questions

This is the most common reason why students fail in exams. You may not comprehend what was required by the examiners and consequently would answer the questions wrongly. One ought to get hold of past question papers and ensure that they also have the solutions to the past questions to check their understanding and get best exam answers. You ought to acquaint themselves with examination questions. You will be less likely to misunderstand if they have come across similar questions before.

The causes of failure are not restricted to above. Each may have their own reasons. When met with failure, it is important to evaluate and analyse the causes or reasons of failure and make necessary changes in order to achieve desired success.

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