How to have Peace of Mind while studying for CS/CA/CMA Exams?

Having an absolute peaceful mind is very essential for all the exams you attempt. The state of panic or anxiety is not something which is supposed to happen during or before the exams. Even if God Forbid you don’t pass an attempt the most important aspect is to stay calm through it all.

In this article we will discuss some ways in which you can have a peaceful mind while giving your exams or even in the preparation period of your exams. Staying calm through the entire process of studying for the exams is extremely important. Staying calm will also help in the difficult times during the exams or during the times when there may come a situation of a mind block. These tips will definitely help the aspirants of professional courses to approach the exam better.


The concept of meditation is highly underrated and hence many individuals don’t practice the art of meditation. Meditation has several benefits such as improving memory and concentration, helping students with stress so that they are able to score much higher in their tests. Most successful people suggest doing meditation for their success. Meditation has also in the past proven to improve the sleep of individuals which in turn increases productivity during the exam preparations.

Physical activity

Many people think that doing physical activities during the preparation period of the exams is just a waste of time and does not prove to be any good. This thought process is extremely wrong. Doing physical activities increases the adrenaline in the body which in turn helps the students. Every student during their preparations must spend at least a half an hour everyday doing some kind of physical activity as it is said to release the excessive tension and stress. Physical activity puts all the negative energy of the body into good use and therefore helps the individual in focusing more during the papers. Physical activity can be in the form of anything such as walking, playing any sport or doing any form of workout. All the toppers of the exams have usually suggested that an individual spends at least half an hour each day on physical activity of any form.

Be Kind

The preparation time is usually a tough time for the students. It is suggested that they don’t try to be harsh on themselves during the preparations. There will be days when the daily goal of an individual is not met and therefore in such situations the aspirant might go through some form of anxiety. In these times it is important to remain calm and try to relieve your mind through these times. The pressure during this time is immense and it is not easy to crack any of these professional exams. Therefore in the process of preparation there may be days of lows and highs but the aspirant must stay positive and kind to themselves during this time.

Keep away from social media

Social media as everyone knows is said to be addicting in all forms. Especially people these days(especially students) are getting extremely competitive on social media and it proves to be more harmful than good to individuals. It brings in more stress and anxiety in people looking at the not so perfect life of individuals. Social media if used in proportion and moderation is okay and may be refreshing for individuals but people use it addictively and it results in giving more stress to aspirants on something which is not even great. Keeping away from different social media is very beneficial as it maintains peace in the mind of individuals. It is highly suggested that people log out of these social media accounts during the exams period.

The above tips may take time to form. They should be made a habit in the course of time for a long term benefit to the candidate of the exams. It may seem that they aren’t working but these habits take time to form and therefore will be very useful to maintain the stress levels. These are going to help prepare better for the exams and get better results.

Benefits of Meditation to Students

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