Learning Hacks for CA/CS/CMA Students

In case if you are too tired from studying for long hours or if you have lost interest in your studies, let’s try to create some fun which will make you study effectively. These creative and unique hacks will help you to focus more on your studies, gain back your interest in studies, increase your effectiveness as well as will help you to study for long hours. These methods will simplify your studies –

1. Use Flowcharts/Diagrams

They say that the most effective method to retain things is to picturise images. Reading theory is monotonous and boring sometimes. If we put up the theory in a diagram form or in a graphical form, it will help us to memorize and retain the theory part very easily. The human mind grasps the images quickly as compared to text form.

2. Use Sticky Notes

There are so many things in a text book. It is almost impossible to learn and remember all of it. So, in order to keep important points in mind, we can use sticky notes which can be sticked near the theory part. We can write important points or headings which are must to remember. For a better look, we can use colourful sticky notes. It helps our mind to capture what things are written on sticky notes.

3. Group Studies

It happens many times that we are not able to understand a concept ourselves. But when someone from your friend circle makes you understand, you quickly get that topic and in fact never ever forget it. You can also teach someone during your group studies. Teaching someone else is such an effective way for you to better understand the material. So, group studies are a really effective method to grasp things quickly.

4. Record your voice

I find this technique very unique. If you are unable to learn anything, just record the text or the concept in your voice in your phone. And listen to it often. Whenever you are bored or do not feel like studying, just listen to your recorded voice notes. I am very sure you will learn as well as recall what you said very fast.

5. Revise through revision videos

There are so many concepts available on YouTube of many faculties. Also, some faculties provide you with online revision classes through pen drive lectures. Refer to those lectures. They are very much in trend as they have proven to be really beneficial to the students for revision purposes.

6. Take frequent small breaks

If you want to study effectively, take short breaks in between long study hours. Like for 15-20 minutes. You can take a nap or take a brisk walk or you can do whatever you feel like for being stress-relieved. It will help you to feel fresh and you will be again ready for sitting for long hours of study.

7. Listen to instrumental songs

This is strictly for the practical portion of the syllabus and not for theory portion. When you are solving practical sums, you can listen to slow and instrumental songs. Many students find it helpful. Students have said that it helps them to concentrate better and in an effective way.

8. Using Highlighters

To make your book attractive, you can use different colours of highlighters. It surely helps students to retain the highlighted things. Make sure that you highlight only those keywords or points which are important. Then only you will be benefited from using highlighters.

9. Create flashcards or Formula Sheet

Quickly test your knowledge of key concepts, definitions, sections etc with flashcards. There are so many formulas that it is just impossible to revise them at the end time. So, the best you can do is to gather all the formulas at one place and revise it at the end time. It will act as a life saver.

10. Reward yourself with a treat

This will motivate you to sit and study for long hours. For example, you can say to yourself that you will go and eat an ice cream or buy yourself a chocolate if you complete this topic by today evening. If you complete your task, go and enjoy the treat. But if you are unable to complete the study task, just don’t go. Stick to what you’ve said and promised to yourself.

I hope these study hacks will help you in making your studies effective. Let us know if any other study hacks have worked for you in the comments section below.

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