How to Utilize Study Leave?

There are many things which play a crucial role while preparing for CA exams. One among them is how efficiently the study leave is utilized. The manner in which the study leaves are utilised are reflected in the three hours that is spent in the examination hall. Here are the tips on how to utilize study leaves.

The 8 Hour Rule

Given the vastness of the curriculum, anyone preparing for the exam should study a minimum of 8 hours every day during the study leave. This enables timely completion of preparation and leaves sufficient time for revision.

Importance of Setting Realistic Goals

It is good to have a plan with regard to what syllabus is required to be studied on a particular day in advance. However, one shouldn’t go overboard with it. Setting unrealistic goals will create unnecessary pressure and will also be a major blow to confidence. Therefore, one should set realistic goals which can be achieved at the end of the day.

Practice Writing

Given the length of the exam papers it’s important one should develop a decent writing speed. If not, one would end up not attempting a particular question or attempting partially despite knowing the right answer. Practice writing insteading of just studying. This will help in improving your writing speed.

The Power of Revision

Revising plays a crucial role during exams. The more you revise, the more hold you have on the subject. It will enable you to remember the subject vividly and you will not go blank when you see the question paper. You will also be more confident about the subject.

Attempt Mock Tests and Solve Earlier Question Papers

When on study leave one should also set aside time for not just revision but also for mock tests and solving earlier attempts’ question papers. This will enable you to understand where you stand when it comes to your preparation. Not just that, it also enables you to know what the examiner is expecting from the examinee.

Practice Analysing Case Laws, Accounting and Auditing Standards

Preparation for CA exams are incomplete without preparing by analysing Case Laws, Accounting and Auditing Standards. These are the topics through which the examiner tests the knowledge of the examinee. Hence one should practice analysing Case Laws, Accounting and Auditing Standards.

Dealing With Boredom

It’s not odd if one gets bored studying the same thing. This is even more true if you are taking multiple attempts to clear the exam. To deal with it one should take sufficient break for rejuvenation, say, 15-20 minute break for every 2 hours of study. One can also study 2 different subjects in a day instead of sticking to one subject for an entire day- a theory subject and a practical subject.

Importance of Mental and Physical Health

During the exams, the students go through a lot of stress. Few might also feel depressed. Sitting long hours while studying also affects your physical fitness. To overcome this, one should have some physical activity like playing your favourite sport or hitting the gym or go for a walk for at least 40 minutes a day. One can also socialise with your family and friends to overcome the stress and get over the depressed feeling.

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