How to Stay Healthy During Exams?

With exams just a couple of days away, students can think of nothing but studies. However, one cannot neglect health during these wearing times. All the efforts put in the preparation for exams would go in vain if you cannot take exams due to ill health. It is equally important to take care of health while simultaneously preparing for exams.

Here are few tips which might be helpful in maintaining health

Eat Home Cooked and Wholesome Food

With a few days left for exams, one would prefer studying rather than cooking. Eating out or ordering online would be tempting in order to save time. But they are low on nutrition and one cannot be sure about the hygiene. Instead try home cooked food. If you are sharing your space with a roommate, cook the food on turns or cook two to three servings extra, so that you can reheat and eat them. Do not overeat and stay away from junk as it might make you feel lethargic. Also, make it a point to eat wholesome food.


Sitting for long hours does no good. Staying active physically helps in improving focus on studies. It may be difficult to take time out for a workout. However, a little workout does no harm. Try jogging, hiking, cycling or anything else for at least 30 minutes a day. You can also study theory subjects while taking a walk inside your house. It will help you rejuvenate and improve your concentration. Additionally, it will also improve your sleeping pattern.


Closing yourself and focusing only on studies for long hours can be a daunting task. Instead take short breaks and socialize with your family and friends. You can also do group studies as it would also help you to stay in touch with people and improve your preparation.

Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Many people don’t mind staying up late at night and studying for a few weeks to take an exam. However, adequate rest is very important to maintain optimal brain function. Choose a time to sleep, then give yourself at least an hour before bed to rest and relax. Take a shower, check your social media, watch videos, or do something other than study to relax.

Make sure to get a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep.

Stress Management

It can be hard to stay calm and relaxed during an exam, but a little stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it keeps you focused. However, too much stress can have the opposite effect and make it difficult to concentrate and study.

The following are the tips for controlling stress-

  • Start reviewing early and organize your training. As you approach the exam, it will give you peace of mind that you have done enough work to get a good result. 
  • Find distractions when you feel overwhelmed. If you’re feeling tense, you should do something to calm your mind.
  • Don’t compare yourself to your peers. Discussing how much each of you has done can create panic if you feel unprepared and low on self-esteem. 
  • Take a break, preferably with a friend, to exercise, socialize, or do something fun that will help you relax. 
  • Manage your study schedule wisely to avoid unnecessary stress. The night before a particular exam, it may be better to relax and smooth out some areas than to learn many new things.

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