How to prepare for your upcoming CA exams?

Things to be noted in short for CA Exam

  • Plan your preparation based on materials provided by ICAI
  • Don’t get occupied with too many books of various authors for the same subject.
  • ICAI Material and one author book per subject is ideal for preparation
  • Make summary notes(handwritten) for each subject which will serve as the best one for revising the concepts before exam day
  • After practising a particular concept, note down the important problem number/concept along with the page numbers, that needs to be reviewed before exam day
  • Since the syllabus is vast, it is advisable to revise the concepts from time to time to remember & recollect.

To make it familiar, let us discuss the preparation strategy, light in terms of Audit concept, where before conducting audit one is required to plan the audit, implement the planned audit strategies, internal checks, external confirmations, audit report..etc

Planning, preparation & Documentation, Internal checks, External confirmations Reporting in exams

At the Planning stage, the subject should be analysed based on its weightage of marks and syllabus. This can be done by going through the past papers which will be web-hosted by ICAI or through scanners(compilers of previous question papers) as available in the market published by many authors.

The concepts can be classified under the below categories

Syllabus coverageWeightage of marksStrategy
30%40% – 50%These are major concepts which should be prepared well & thoroughly revised timely. One should gain strong command over these topics
40%35% – 40%These topics should be given a moderate study and revising the same at least once before the exams are required
40%10% – 25%These topics are to be given a simple reading

CA Exam 2021 Preparation & Documentation

While studying the concepts, handwritten summary notes are to be documented which can be revised easily to understand the concepts.

Apart from that, a list can be prepared in the separate sheet which can be reviewed before the exams in the following way

  1. Problem number or concept name or illustration no along with the material name & Page number.
  2. Remarks to be given (like in case of illustration the entire sum will be easy, only one or two adjustments are difficult to understand or remember)
  3. One liner adjustments may be written for a quick review
  4. In case of theory, shortcuts of important concepts can be documented

The above list for review before exams holds good only when the list is shorter and clear containing only the Major important concepts, otherwise, it may complicate your preparation

Internal Checks

Going through the outdated books may cost you 6 months of preparation, one should stay updated with the latest developments in the syllabus which are updated by the ICAI timely.

The revision test papers and mock test papers as released by ICAI should be practised thoroughly, which in other cases can also be used to assess himself by attempting the questions and evaluating with the answers as provided by ICAI.

External Confirmations

Before giving the main exams, it is advisable to give at least 2 Mock tests of each subject which would be helpful to

  • Assess the capability to recollect the concepts
  • Manage the time
  • Boosts confidence
  • Understand the inefficiency in presenting the known concepts
  • Improve presentation skills

Reporting in ICAI CA exam

Do not ruin the opportunity which you are planning for months, be confident and calm throughout the exam with positive vibrations.

  • Ignore the questions which you don’t know (stressing/overthinking on this will affect your concentration)
  • At the first instance, answer the questions which are very similar to those you are practising or known to you (full marks can be scored here).
  • Answer the question based on the requirements of the question with due consideration of weightage of question.

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