Steps on how to order Study Material from ICAI CDS Portal

The study material which is released by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI) is available on a portal called the Centralised Distribution System(CDS) Portal. To ease the operations and to increase efficiency ICAI has developed the CDS Portal in which student course kits, member publications and mementos are available to members,students and other stakeholders.

ICAI released a separate distribution system so that the study material and other mementos are available to individuals at their doorstep which in turn will save their time and effort. The website is as given

Anyone interested in buying can register and place his/her order on the online store which will be delivered hassle free to them. Students after successful registration receive coupons which are allotted by ICAI. Foundation Course students are allotted with one coupon whereas the Intermediate and the Final course students are allotted with two coupons.

The students can choose to use the coupons as per their requirement. The study material is available in either English or Hindi as per a student’s choice and a student can redeem the coupons by buying the study material on the portal to receive the material via CDS.

After successful registration a student receives an Email or SMS containing the login ID and password for the website. The notification is only sent to a person once the registration is confirmed by the concerned Regional office. A non-registered student or a member can also sign up by filing in the required details and generating a login ID and password.

Now we will discuss the steps that are required in placing an order on The CDS Portal:-

  • Log in to the portal and put in your login ID and Password. 
  • After logging in you have to select the course which may be your study material.
  • After selecting a particular course, the subject books which are required must be chosen. The subject books are available both in English and Hindi as per the requirement and comfort of an individual.
  • The cart can be viewed by clicking the basket button which is on the top right corner. If you are a newly registered member the coupon is already activated and applied to the cart whereas if you are an old student of the CDS Portal you can proceed further to activate your coupon.
  • After doing these processes the last process is to proceed towards the payment of the books. The applicable courier charges are also added to the final amount of the order itself.

Frequently asked Questions:-

Q1. How can I place an order on CDS portal for free supply of Study Material against my registration?

Ans. After online registration to the course, your registration data will be transferred to CDS Portal. Once your data is transferred to the CDS portal, you will receive SMS/ email advising you to place your order on portal by Sign in. In view of this procedure, you are requested to wait till you receive SMS/ email alerts as under to place your requisition for supply of Study Material free of cost against your registration by redeeming coupon.
Specimen SMS is given below. 

On receipt of SMS place your order on: :

You have successfully registered on the Centralised Dispatch System (CDS) portal of ICAI. Your user name is XXXXXXXXXXX. Your password is your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format. In case you are a student, you can order your required Study Material/s by redeeming coupon/s. Log in to with your credentials.

Q2. What is the validity period for coupon?

Ans. For Foundation course, the validity of the coupon is 1 year from the date of registration. For Intermediate and Final course, the validity of the coupon is 2 years and 3 years respectively.

Q3. How to update my communication details on CDS? How do I change my shipping address?

Ans. Before placing an order, there is an option to edit shipping/delivery address on The CDS Portal and that is through OTP on your registered mobile phone. After placing an order, any change in shipping address is not allowed under any circumstance.

Q4. What to do for getting Courier Tracking No.?

Ans. After dispatch of your study material, tracking no. will be sent to you on your registered mobile number. In case of delay, Contact Executive Trackon courier Mobile: 8448598034/ 01123623070 for status of dispatch Email your query to: icai. “”

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