How to manage studies and articleship simultaneously

Articleship is an important phase in CA journey. However some students may even go for dummy articleship as they have a mammoth task of clearing the CA final exams ahead. But in my opinion, one must go for regular articleship as you get to have a glimpse of the practical work.

Articleship is an opportunity for a student to graduate as a professional and is a hunt for specific knowledge. The topmost priority of the students must be studies but they should not entirely shift their focus on that. They must maintain a balance between the studies and articleship.

Below mentioned are some tips to manage CA Final studies with Articleship.

Utilizing idle time

Sometimes you get idle time during office hours. You can just use that time for some short recap of your tough topics. You may even prefer reading full-fledged chapters or miscellaneous things like AS, SA, case studies, and all. This would give you an extra boost to your studies.

Planning your virtual classes

Virtual classes are of great importance because of the customized time according to one’s suitability. Plan the subjects whose coaching you need to attend first. Papers like DT and IDT are always kept at the last for the pen drive lectures because there are many amendments in it. You can have your classes before or after your office hours.

Wake up early to study

The best time of the day which you can devote for your studies is morning (may vary from person to person). Try to study the tough topics and solve practical questions in the early mornings, as you won’t be able to do the same in the evening. Early mornings generally give you a better concentration and recollection ability. After a long hard working day at the office, you won’t get the required concentration for the evening studies.

Avoid spending too much time after office with colleagues

After your office hours, instead of just chit-chatting with your office colleagues and going out with them will lead to so much time waste. There is always an inclination to go to new places, try different restaurants, or hang out just for nothing. Your priorities must be fixed at this point of time and it should be your studies. Make sure to prioritize what’s important. This can be a great time saver.

Make the most of the weekends

Instead of just Netflix & chill, articles should plan their weekends for their studies. If one utilizes it judiciously, one can easily pass the final stage of CA with flying colors. You don’t need to give your entire day for studies, take some time and hang out with friends to clear off your mind. But don’t just waste your whole weekend passing time with games/movies/TV .

Practical application of your study

During articleship you will get a chance to practically apply many of the topics which you have studies while preparing for your CA exams. Relate the knowledge you gain through studying with the practical aspect. It will help you better learn things. In this way your topics will be revised and you will retain them in your mind for longer time as you have practically applied them.

CA students must give studies the top most priority. The main goal is to clear the CA Final exams. You must beforehand discuss with your principal about your coaching timings and the preparatory leave you want. This way it would be better for the student to avoid any conflict regarding leaves. This does not mean that you take undue advantage of this. Just remember that articleship time is for you to learn and not waste time. Keep a balance between your work and studies.

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