How to Increase Concentration During CA Exams?

Studying for exams is a mentally engaging activity. It requires a tremendous amount of concentration to study and clear the exams. With so much distraction around, students find it difficult to keep the concentration even for 20 minutes. In this article we will be focusing on ways of increasing concentration.

Below are few tips which can be followed to increase concentration-

Find a silent surrounding

Silence helps you concentrate better. It is a very understandable yet neglected fact. Listening to songs while studying is not a good option for most people. Though it may feel soothing, it can soon turn into a distraction and affect your study quality. Choose a distraction-free environment.

Find a study time that suits you

It is said that studies are best done in the morning. But this is a misleading statement. Some students feel focused and concentrated during the morning. While others find themselves very sleepy in the morning and energised at night. It all comes down to concentration. Whenever you can concentrate better, is the right time for you to study.

Study with a partner

A partner or a person is a source of motivation to study together with a person. Any help can also be provided and also improvements can be done because of a partner.The monotony of studying alone can be broken because of a partner and even boring subjects may become slightly more interesting to study with the help of a partner. However while finding a study partner it is very important to find someone who is always lifting you up and helping you instead of someone who distracts you more during your studies.

Cut off from the digital world

Technology came as a boon for the world but has clearly become like a curse due to overuse and undue advantage of it. Social media tops the list of causing distractions to people. People tend to overuse it as they do not know where to draw a line. The best solution to this problem is to switch off or log out of phones and social media during these days. Only study material should be accessed or important documents should be accessed during this time so that the addiction can be controlled.

Have walk breaks

It is just a recommendation, but walking is an efficient refresher. Medium paced walking or a run improves blood flow to your brain. This can make you more concentrated and focused. Keep the walks short. Otherwise, it can become tiring and cause the opposite effect.


It has been proved right from the medieval ages that meditation is what increases focus, brings clarity and calms the mind. Like physical activity is important in the same way even your mind needs activity which can be achieved in the form of meditation. Meditation can be challenging in the beginning and one might not be able to concentrate much on it but continuous practice can bring a lot of benefits of meditation in the long run. Some benefits of meditation include reducing stress, promoting emotional health, lengthening attention span and improving self awareness. Positive effects in concentration will definitely be shown once meditation is consciously practised.


A healthy body means a healthy brain. Keep your nutrition right. Have balanced diets with all the essential macros your body needs. Eat some snacks or a moderate quantity of food before you study. It energises your body. But make sure to not eat a heavy diet as it may make you sleepy.

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