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After completing and passing all the three levels of CS the next step is to find a career in the field of CS and companies that actually hire CS. As per the Companies Act, 1956 every company with a paid-up capital of Rs. 2 Crores or more has to hire a full time Company Secretary. There are a lot of companies that have started hiring Company Secretaries though it is relatively a very new concept. The position of a Company Secretary has become relatively very famous due to the increase in the ease of legal matters and also due to the high position of a CS in the management of a company. The Company Secretaries are highly accountable within and outside the organization both. The candidates who have pursued CS have good exposure to a wide number of subjects ranging from law, administration, accountancy, secretarial practices just to name a few. Such a wide range of subjects already qualifies the company secretaries to work in various fields in the company right from the start of their career.

The various job profiles of a CS in a company are given below

  1. Legal Advisor- To ensure that the company is in sync with all legal matters.
  2. Assistant to the Board of Directors- Providing the Board of Directors with expert advice.
  3. Administrative Assistant- Management and distribution of information in the office as well as dealing with clients.
  4. Company Registrar- To ensure that records are maintained which includes grades,finances and attendances. They also ensure that all the staff is trained in the registrar’s office with the software related to records of administration.
  5. Corporate Planner- Taking care of the expansion opportunities of the company such as collaborations, joint-ventures, takeovers(within the country or outside) and mergers.
  6. Chief Administrative Officer- Ensuring that all the administrative activities of the company are taken care of and safekeeping all the legal and confidential documents of the company.
  7. Corporate Policy Maker- Putting together the short term and long term corporate policies of the company and also reviewing the existing corporate policies.
  8. Principal Secretary- Managing all the board meetings, annual general meetings, meetings with government and private delegations and interaction with important clients and vendors. Alongwith they also manage corporate events.
  9. Content Coordinator- To develop a consistent brand identity for a company and also establish its online presence.
  10. Project Leader- Leading various projects in the company and assigning everyone with duties for the same.

Top Recruiting Companies for CS are as follows

  1. Tata Consultancy Services
  2. Robert Bosch India
  3. IBS Software
  4. IDFC Mutual Funds
  5. Janalakshmi Financial Services Private Limited
  6. Monolith Industries Limited
  7. Trinity Reinsurance Private Limited
  8. Jaypee Group
  9. Punjab National Bank 
  10. HCL Technologies Limited

Company secretaries have the added advantage of setting up their own consultancy business after obtaining a certificate of practice. Companies with a paid-up share capital of Rs 10 lakh and more and less than Rs 2 crores are required to employ the services of practicing company secretaries for issuing corporate compliance certificates.

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