Career Opportunities after Completing CA

After the completion of CA there are various career routes an individual can get into. CAs already have a practical experience of working through their articleship for three years. The ease of getting a job for CAs is comparatively easier because of their practical experience and vast exposure due to their exams and practical work. CA is such a vast field of knowledge and experience that you can either wish to join a job or be a job giver.

After completing the CA Final Exams you officially become a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). After completing the CA Finals you can use the CA prefix before your name. The career path is vast and you can enter a wide area of expertise. In this article we will discuss the various career paths you can pursue after your CA:-

  • Entrepreneurship:- You can choose to start your own CA firm and be a job giver to many aspirants around. A CA has all the skills that is required to become an entrepreneur so a qualified CA can choose to be an entrepreneur to work by his own
  • Work under a CA firm:- A CA can choose to work under a firm and deliver all his experience and work under that firm to learn more through the firm. A firm already has very experienced individuals who can be an asset in the firm and a person can get to learn a lot through that firm.
  • Stock Market:- As the subject Strategic Financial Management is taught in all the levels of CA which includes topics like investing in the stock market, observing the bull and bear sentiments, reading financial statements of the company, all comes handy in becoming a stock market analyst or making a career in the stock market.
  • Teaching:- As the course of CA is very complicated every individual during their preparations is looking out for tuition’s or coaching from good qualified individuals. A person after completing CA can also give out coaching or personal tuition to individuals and the scope in this particular field is the most.
  • Pursuing the government/civil jobs:- Individuals can aim for civil jobs in the government sector such as the President of ITAT(Income Tax Appellate Tribunal) or the Chairman of SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India) counting the many others. A position like this can only be achieved after working for many years in the government sector.
  • Auditing:- Forensic Audit, Internal/ Management audit of Companies, Statutory audit of Companies(governed by rotation) and Cooperative audit are various kinds of audits that a CA can practice professionally. An auditor is responsible to take care of the inspection of various books of accounts and also a physical checking of the inventory to make sure that all the departments are following a documented system of recording the transactions.
  • Management consultancy services:- It involves various services such as Project Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation and Preparing Consolidated financial statements for companies( Doing IND AS consultancy).

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