CA Final Preparation Strategy to Revise Full Course in One Month

CA has a reputation of being a very tough exam in which students are threatened to complete the syllabus with a higher number of topics involved. While we know that CA exams come with a lot of pressure, here are some really simple tips for ca final preparation strategy to revise the syllabus

CA Final preparation strategy

Start your month with revising the difficult topics, first

The chronology should start from revising the topics that are difficult for you to grasp, then the once you already have a grip on, and then ending the whole month with a second revision of the difficult topics.

Make a time schedule and stick to it

This may sound cliche, but yes, you’re more effective in your work, when you have a time table and you try to stick to it. It also comes with a lot of self-discipline involved, but then we know, to clear any group of CA in India, self-discipline is one of the most important soft-skill to factor in.

Do not stick to just theory in a whole day

We know that studying just theory can make you chug your coffee, thrice a day. But that’s what needs to be avoided, work with effectiveness. Divide your day such that you are allocating time for better time to do the practical subjects as well.

Don’t lose sight from the latest amendments

ICAI is always updating their syllabus according to the current affairs of the country. Use the time effectively for knowing the insights and then working on it.

Make Clear Notes

We were taught at school to write while the teacher explains the topics to us. In the office, we make MoMs and CA clearance has got no magic beans, it comes down to writing, making effective notes of the important stuff and then going further with it.

Try solving Mock Papers and MCQ(s)

When you don’t feel like covering a whole topic, do mock papers that are provided by ICAI and MCQ(s) should be done, which can also help you analyze your weakness and point out your strengths, further that could be the process of studying further.

You’ll always rush through or panic if you don’t have a plan for the whole month, don’t wait till the last day to plan your next month.

  • Mark important topics to be revised more thoroughly.
  • Make crisp notes
  • Write what would need a second revision, save time for it.
  • Don’t go just theoretical, keep practising as well.
  • Don’t deep dive into new topics at the end moment.
  • Take small break after 50-60 minutes of studying.

Tips for CA Final exam

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