CA Final Exam Preparation Tips

CA is a tough and prestigious exam for Indians. To complete CA and stick to the long and tedious process of completing this exam is not only exhausting, but can also lead to demotivation at times, which then makes it difficult for the students.

Tips for ca final exam

CA Final Study Plan

  1. Do not rely on the end moment preparation
    Yes, we know anyone who aims at going for a rank, will start preparing way before the exams arrive, but prepare with consciousness, be mindful of what would you want to start with, your strength and your weaknesses and then go through the whole syllabus with a plan.
  2. Avoid Group Studies
    Group Studies manage to create chaos sometimes without getting much done, so, if you want to relax, relax completely, take half a day off. Group Studies manage
  3. Adhere to a Schedule
    It can become difficult to go through the whole syllabus in a short time span, so you need to divide your time according to your status of finishing the syllabus. Giving equal time to each subject, while focusing on your weaknesses is an important aspect.
  4. Maintain Healthy Habits
    Take restricted but nutritious diets and keep the negative and vulgar thoughts away from your mind. Avoid socialization and unwanted interactions. Practice meditation and breathing exercises for increasing your concentration. Regular prayer calms down your mind and becomes an inner source of motivation.
  5. Have your concepts clear
    You’ll have to have your concepts crystal clear, know which concepts you lack at, try to grasp those through different resources, try to take legit and resourced work from wherever you’re studying.
  6. Make a study plan
    CA Final candidates should make a study plan, and should strictly follow that plan.
  7. Disciplined Schedule
    No one can be self-motivated at all times but you should follow a disciplined schedule and make a routine to atleast get to that stage.
  8. Mock tests and Revisions
    It may sound like every suggestion circles to this, but more than studying theory, you should focus on target areas as well, like the revisions, the mock-tests, the strengths you figure out and the weaknesses you had been running from.

To conclude, there is no cheat sheet to being amongst the top rankers, you need to put in the work, according to your concepts, your ideas, and your dedication. Once you know, you can do it, the work is half done. Always go ahead with a strong attitude towards whatever you wish to achieve by completing CA.

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