Articleship in CA and Its Importance In The Course

Articleship in CA

Articleship is the backbone of a CA’s career. A CA without a proper articleship is considered inccompetent and under qualified for managing any practical situations in the future. Articleship is the period of three years where a CA student actually gets a practical experience of how everything works in a practical world. So before actually getting a CA degree you get a practical training of three years. The Articleship period is such that all the theoretical concepts of a CA get cleared out. The Articleship inculcates a sense of disciplined work attitude and all the essential skills needed for a professional. As a trainee one can enhance their understanding of an organisation, working methods and a better grip towards how an organisation functions.

  1. Inculcates a sense of professionalism – Since individuals very early on in their career start working in an actual business environment, it inculcates a sense of professionalism because of that. Individuals get a sense of how the actual business works and they are entitled to project or show their work to someone each day. For example:- A typical 9-5 job inculcates a sense of professionalism and discipline in an individual.
  2. Enhances your career in the long term– If in your articleship period you work under a good firm or a good CA then it has chances of enhancing your career for the future. The experience you get early on in your career is very important. If early on you get a good experience under a good firm it is very beneficial as you would actually have experienced the work before actually obtaining the degree. The level of work under a good firm is very different and brings out the best of you. A dummy-articleship shouldn’t be preferred for the articleship period.
  3. Experience to handle the portfolio of big clients– During the articleship period you get the hang of handling big portfolios of clients and companies and that becomes the experience of a lifetime for a CA aspirant. It is a very important skill to handle clients efficiently and once you are thorough with handling big clients in your articleship period then it becomes very easy for you to tackle difficult situations in the future.
  4. Time management– As the articleship period mostly occurs during a person’s college life they have to learn how to manage everything. Their coachings of more than 7-8 hours, their CA studies, family, extra-curricular activities, college studies and of course their articleship work. Learning to manage time very early on in your career helps in the future and enables you to multitask very well in the future.
  5. The Articleship helps in studies for the final examinations– The practical experience received through the articleship period helps the students in case studies for the final CA exams. It is always better to get the understanding of concepts practically because if you understand the concepts well then it would be easier to explain the answers through examples too.

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